Research on Vitamin B Nutrition of Rural Organic Food and Evaluation Index System of Rural Tourism

  • Li Xue
Keywords: Vitamin B12; Agricultural products; Rural tourism; Nutritional indicators


Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for the human body. Deficiency can induce megaloblastic anemia. Most of the sources of vitamin B12 are meat and seafood, and a small part comes from milk eggs and fermented products. This article analyzes the vitamin B nutrition of rural organic food and the evaluation index system of rural tourism. This article summarizes and analyzes the research literature on rural tourism resource evaluation from the selection of rural tourism resource evaluation indicators, rural tourism resource evaluation methods, evaluation objects and scales, and guidance directions after evaluation. Results: The construction of the evaluation index system for rural tourism resources basically follows the same principles. Based on this, the evaluation elements, hierarchical structure and scoring standards are revised, and different impact factors and characteristic values are selected to construct corresponding evaluation models.