Amino Acid Nutrition of Fish Products and Sport Physical Recovery

  • Kuan Wang
Keywords: Table tennis; Exercise fatigue; Reasonable diet; Amino acid nutrition


Athlete’s own physiological index function, metabolic matrix and energy consumption change, the digestion, absorption and demand of nutritional components are different. It shows that reasonable diet and nutrition supply are important issues for table tennis players and coaches to solve. Fish meat contains 18 kinds of amino acids, the highest content of glutamic acid. By comparing the amino acid content of fish muscle protein with the amino acid pattern of egg protein and the standard amino acid pattern of FAO/WHO protein evaluation, it can be seen that the nutritional content of fish is higher. From a nutritional perspective, the direct cause of exercise fatigue in table tennis is a lack of nutritional intake or imbalance. Therefore, in table tennis, a reasonable nutritional supplement can help eliminate fatigue.