Relationship between Protein Intake, Weight Loss and Bone Mineral Density in Athletes

  • Yang Hui
Keywords: Protein; Healthy weight; Bone mineral density; Food nutrition


Meat products and eggs are rich in amino acid and protein nutrition, which is an important source of energy supplement after exercise. Athletes have large energy metabolism and high consumption rate, and need more protein intake than those who live in static life, but excessive protein intake will also affect athletes' fat metabolism, which will affect their physical fitness and athletic ability. Therefore, athletes should consume more animal protein and high-quality protein, and balance the protein required for a day among all meals and snacks. In summary, compared with lower protein diets, animal protein-based energy-restricted high protein diets can promote athletes' BMD loss after training. This result suggests that after training athletes, choosing a high protein mixed diet can effectively reduce weight and reduce BMD increases the risk of osteoporosis.