Nutritional Analysis of Tomato Vitamin B1 and the Translation of Professional English Vocabulary

  • Haizhen Zhao
Keywords: Professional English; Tomato nutrition; Tomato vitamin B1; Carotene


Tomato is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1 and carotene, as well as protein, sugar, organic acid and cellulose. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, participates in the catabolism and energy metabolism of nutrients in the body in the form of coenzyme, and also affects the synthesis and metabolism of some neurotransmitters. This paper analyzes the nutritional analysis of tomato vitamin B1 and the translation of professional English vocabulary. The translation of professional English vocabulary has its particularity. In addition to grasping the meaning of vocabulary accurately, the translation of business English also requires the translator to understand the original text from the relevant professional knowledge background, not only to see the surface vocabulary information of the original text, but also to understand its deep cultural connotation. In the process of business English translation, if the meaning of the word is uncertain, we need to put the word into a specific language environment to understand the uniqueness and regularity of business English vocabulary from a special perspective.