Nutritional Supplement and Adverse Effects of Compound Soybean Dietary Fiber Nutrition Mixture on Athletes

  • Xiang Zhang
Keywords: High dietary fiber; Nutritional compound rice; Exercise response; Nutritional evaluation


In this paper, the basic nutrients, dietary fiber, minerals, amino acid content and composition of high dietary fiber nutritional compound rice and common rice were analyzed and compared, and their nutritional value was evaluated. At the same time, this paper analyzes the nutritional supplement and adverse reactions of dietary fiber nutrition mixture to athletes. The content of total dietary fiber, soluble dietary fiber and mineral in compound rice is higher than that of common rice, and the amino acid composition is more reasonable, which plays an important role in nutritional supplement for athletes. Improper vigorous exercise will damage and affect the immune system of human body in different degrees. The physical quality, age and daily exercise level of the sportsmen also have different effects on the sports injury. The content of fat and protein in nutritional compound rice is significantly lower than that in ordinary rice, which can meet the dietary needs of athletes for low protein and low fat.