Nutritional Content of Calcium and Protein in Dairy Products and Perfect Criminal Law System for Food Safety

  • Yajie Guo
Keywords: Dairy nutrition; Calcium; Protein; Food safety


Protein is a component of the body, and one of the most important nutrients the body needs. Milk contains lactalbumin, which contains all kinds of amino acids necessary for body nutrition. It is a complete protein. In addition, milk also contains a variety of trace elements, such as iron, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, manganese and so on. Milk contains various vitamins necessary for human nutrition, including vitamin A and vitamin B2. This article analyzes the nutritional content of calcium and protein in dairy products and the improvement of food safety criminal law system. Current laws are no longer effective in combating these food safety crimes. Criminal law is the strong backing of all laws and should provide a line of defense for food safety issues. At present, the research on food safety crimes in China's criminal law field is not thorough enough, and there is no comprehensive research and analysis on it. Strengthening the protection of food safety can not only effectively prevent and combat food safety crimes, but also protect the lives of the people to the greatest extent.