Mechanism Analysis of Building Vibration Induced by Environmental Vibration of Urban Highway Viaduct System

  • Fengjun ZHOU
Keywords: Environmental vibration; Viaduct; Background vibration; Transportation system


With the continuous expansion of the city scale and the increasing demand for people's quality of life, the rapid development of urban transportation, subways, light rails, highways, elevated roads and other cities has become a vital means of transportation in cities, playing an important role in urban construction. However, the environmental vibration induced by traffic lines, the safety of the structure, the use of indoor precision instruments, and the impact of residents’ work and daily life are increasingly serious. This paper analyzes the mechanism of building vibration induced by environmental vibration of urban highway viaduct system. With the rapid development of urban modernization, the impact of environmental vibration on urban living and working environment has caused widespread public concern. At present, vibration has been listed as one of the seven major environmental hazards in the world. Relevant statistics show that the vibration caused by the transportation system is the strongest vibration except factory and building construction. In this paper, field vibrations of buildings along the highway induced by a city highway and elevated road are measured in-situ, and the test data are analyzed in depth. The law of vibration propagation is obtained, which has certain generality and can provide a reference for studying environmental vibration control problems.