Milk Protein Nutrients Composition and Art Design for Children’s Milk Packaging

  • Liu Fang
Keywords: Dairy products; Hydrolyzed protein nutrition; Dairy nutrition products; Packaging design


Dairy products are rich in hydrolyzed protein nutrition, and children are one of the most demanded groups of dairy products. Amino acid is the basic unit of protein. Protein has both the physical and chemical properties of amino acid, some common characteristics of other organic matter, and many unique characteristics and properties. This article analyzes the hydrolyzed protein nutrition of dairy products and the artistic design of children's milk nutrition packaging. Due to the separation of the direct consumer and consumption power of child milk, the image consumption of child milk packaging design has become more complicated. The article reveals the significance of different consumption levels for image functions and how child milk can achieve hierarchical consumption transfer, including children's daily life, animation images, and network participation to change children's image consumption concepts, and children's overall concept of packaging image consumption Reflected change.