Food Protein Nutrition for Employees and Accurate Recognition of Local Outlier Data in Cloud Computing Database

  • Suran Yang
Keywords: Whey protein; Amino acid; Protein composition; Cloud computing; local outlier data


Whey protein is a kind of protein existing in milk whey. It’s essential amino acid is a kind of high quality  protein with high nutritional value. Whey protein amino acid is an important supplement to human nutrition. Branched chain amino acids (such as leucine, isoleucine, valine) are 26%, which can provide energy as energy materials and are one of the precursors of glutamate. In this paper, the author analyzes the food protein nutrition for employees and accurate recognition of local outlier data in cloud computing database. In view of the low accuracy and low efficiency of traditional methods, a new method for outlier recognition is proposed based on the combination of grid unit and density. The local outlier recognition criteria are introduced. According to the pruning rule, the set of points in the cloud database that cannot be local outliers is deleted in advance, and the remaining candidate local outliers are analyzed, and the data points satisfying the conditions are selected as local outliers. The processing code is given when the cloud computing database distribution includes or intersects. The proposed method is parallelized by MapReduce to ensure the efficient operation of the method. The simulation data experiment and network intrusion data experiment verify the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method.