Ecological Environment Carrying Capacity and Sustainable Development of Historical Tourism

  • Guanglu Liu
Keywords: Environmental carrying capacity; Historical and cultural cities; Historical cities; Sustainable tourism development; Tourism product design


Historical and cultural cities are China's precious cultural heritage, with many scenic spots, rich cultural relics and historic sites, and unique urban features, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of tourism. With the continuous development of China's tourism industry, the value of Chinese cultural relics and scenic spots in historical and cultural cities has been further explored. Historical and cultural cities have gradually become important tourism distribution centers, playing a very important role in the development of China's tourism. Historical and cultural cities have profound cultural heritage and unique conditions for the development of tourism. However, due to historical and practical reasons, there are still some shortcomings in the development of historical and cultural cities. How to further explore its cultural connotation and realize the coordinated development of resources, economy, society, culture, and environment under the guidance of sustainable tourism development theory is the subject of this article. Based on this background, the author systematically discusses the sustainable development of tourism in famous cities on the basis of field surveys and in combination with his majors.