Inspection of Milk Protein Nutrition and English Lexical Discrimination

  • Min Mo
Keywords: Synonym analysis; Dairy nutrition; Protein; Food nutrition


Protein is the main nutritional component of milk and its products. At this stage, the behavior of non-protein nitrogen and hydrolyzed protein in dairy products is common. This is mainly due to the lack of accurate methods for quantifying proteins in milk and its products. This article analyzes the analysis of milk protein protein nutritional components and the analysis of English vocabulary. Synonymous relationship is a prominent feature of English vocabulary, and it is also the difficulty of vocabulary learning. The English-Chinese Synonym Dictionary guides students to use English vocabulary accurately and accurately by discriminating differences in meanings and usages of synonyms. However, there are many shortcomings in the way and language of discrimination, which is not conducive to dictionary readers to quickly and efficiently extract discrimination information. The feature decomposition model used in English monolingual synonyms dictionary has achieved great success, and it can be used as a reference for the improvement of the synonym discrimination model in English-Chinese synonyms dictionary.