Oat Diet Vitamin Nutrition Combined with Exercise Interventions Improving Blood Lipids and Weight of Obese Patients

  • Qingdong Ling
Keywords: Obese patients; Oat formula; Food nutrition; Aerobic exercise


This article uses oat and compound food gum as the main raw materials to design and develop a low-calorie comprehensive balanced and full-feeling formula suitable for overweight or obese patients, which can be used as a meal replacement food to meet the nutritional needs of obese people. Cereal meal replacement powder with high fiber and low glycemic index can not only reduce body weight and blood lipids, but also improve morphology and physical function. The soluble dietary fiber supplemented with meal powder and soybean meal and high-quality water-soluble konjac dietary powder can reduce intestinal flora. It has obvious conditioning effect. An analysis of the effects of long-term aerobic exercise on the body shape and weight of obese adolescents shows that the subject's body shape and weight are reduced after weekly aerobic exercise, indicating that long-term aerobic exercise can selectively mobilize fat in obese adolescents . After 5 weeks of aerobic exercise, the blood glucose indexes of obese adolescents all decreased, and the blood glucose levels of subjects who were originally abnormal decreased to normal levels, indicating that long-term aerobic exercise can effectively reduce blood sugar, reduce the risk of concurrent diabetes, and improve the system of obese adolescents. There's important meaning.