Numerical Aimulation of Environmental Impact of Food Processing Enterprises on Building Ventilation Performance

  • Zhou Jie
Keywords: Meat-producing buildings; Architectural design; Natural ventilation; Indoor comfort


Meat food hygiene is of vital importance to millions of consumers. To produce safe and hygienic food, control must be carried out from every link of the food production production chain. The production of the meat food industry not only requires that the plant buildings have a high degree of closedness, but whether the floor plan of the building is reasonable, the construction materials are properly selected, and the surrounding environment of the building are suitable will have a direct impact on meat production. Reasonable architectural design can enhance the natural ventilation of the room, and significantly improve the comfort of the indoor environment. This paper analyzes the numerical simulation of the influence of the environmental layout of food processing enterprises on building ventilation performance. In order to compare the effect of architectural design on the natural ventilation effect of the room, the numerical analysis method was used to analyze the indoor velocity field distribution, temperature field distribution, and indoor PMV distribution in different design situations of the building layout and building orientation. Provide reference for designers to rationally organize indoor natural ventilation when designing buildings.