Oat Beta-glucan Combined with Jogging Reduces High Cholesterol

  • Hu Bingjiao
Keywords: Aerobic exercise; Oat β - glucan; Cholesterol reduction; Nutritional mechanism


As an alternative to drugs, dietary control combined with proper exercise to control cholesterol to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease has attracted widespread attention. Oat contains a variety of chemical components such as starch, protein, fat, dietary fiber, vitamins, phenols, minerals, etc., and has a variety of pharmacological activities. In summary, aerobic exercise combined with oat-dextran is more effective in reducing TC, TG, and DDL-C content in serum than in aerobic exercise or ingesting oat-dextran alone, and can increase HDL-C. content. It shows that aerobic exercise combined with oat dextran has a certain cholesterol-lowering effect, and it is a method that can prevent cardiovascular disease. The mechanism of action of aerobic exercise combined with oat-glucan is mainly through regulating the activity of cholesterol synthesis rate limiting enzyme CYP51, bile acid synthesis CYP7A1, bile acid transporter ABCB11, cholesterol transporter ABCG5, LDLR and other activities.