Vegetable Dietary Fiber Nutrition Combined with Jogging Improving Adolescent Body Shape and Physical Fitness

  • Yang Li
Keywords: Vegetable Dietary Fiber; Youth Health; Body Shape; Food Nutrition


Vegetables are one of the important non-staple foods in people’s lives. They contain vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral elements, proteins and other nutrients needed by the human body. Dietary fiber has an important impact on the growth and development of adolescents. Exercise combined with dietary fiber nutrition can effectively improve adolescents' physical shape and enhance their physical fitness. After research found that jogging is an effective way of jogging, this article starts with the health of adolescents, and explores the effects of vegetable dietary fiber nutrition and jogging on improving adolescents' physical shape and physical fitness. Aerobic energy supply is the basis of anaerobic energy supply. It can improve the muscle's oxygen uptake capacity, accelerate the elimination of blood lactic acid, and at the same time increase the muscle glycogen storage capacity most effectively, expanding the glycolytic potential. Therefore, athletes can maintain good sports quality training, can withstand the fatigue caused by heavy load training, and can recover quickly.