Importance of Meat Protein Nutrition and Sports Biochemistry for Sports Coaches

  • Linuo Wang
Keywords: Biochemistry; Meat nutrition; Protein; Exercise consumption


Protein nutrition and water loss in meat products are particularly important for nutrition. The physicochemical properties and stability of meat emulsions are affected by various intrinsic and processing factors. For example, the quality of meat, the ratio of fat to emulsifier, pH, ionic strength, and phosphate content are all important factors. This article analyzes the importance of meat protein nutrition and sports biochemistry to sports coaches. Sports biochemistry is a discipline in the physical sciences of sports. It has developed into a mature discipline in the past 30 years. It is an important theory and method of scientific training in competitive sports; it is an important theoretical basis for mastering exercise methods and arranging exercise prescriptions reasonably in physical exercise and rehabilitation medicine. A coach with professional knowledge in sports biochemistry can better complete the grass-roots selection, formulate a comprehensive training plan, and scientifically evaluate the training effect.