Landscape Pattern and Development of Green Cities Based on the Cultivation of Ammonium Nitrogen Fertilizer Green Plants

  • Wei Xiameng
Keywords: Plant nitrogen fertilizer; Garden plant conservation; Urban landscape; Ecological planning


With the development of the times and social and economic progress, the speed of China's industrialization is getting faster and faster, and the process of urbanization is also rapidly advancing. While it is extremely convenient for people to live and work, a series of problems have also arisen, such as serious damage to the landscape pattern on the ground; With the continuous improvement of people's consciousness, more and more people have begun to notice this problem, and have begun to take a series of measures to solve it; in this case, the hotspot of urban planning research has become the urban landscape pattern Ecology. This article briefly introduces the concepts of landscape and landscape ecology, and then analyzes the characteristics of the overall urban landscape planning and the content and design principles of urban landscape ecological planning, and then explains the urban ecological landscape planning and design, hoping to provide some valuable References. In the field of urban landscape research, landscape ecology has gradually risen and gained rapid development; landscape ecology has rethought the urban landscape structure and provided a brand new perspective that can effectively guide urban landscape planning and design work