Effects of Different Vitamin D Nutritional Status on Bone Mineral Density and Exercise Level of Students

  • Kang Dong
Keywords: Vitamin D nutrition; Calcium absorption; Bone density; Healthy exercise


Vitamin D, as one of the important nutritional factors in environmental factors, promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus by the intestine. When the serum vitamin D is continuously lacking or insufficient, it will cause calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders, leading to abnormal bone development. This article analyzes the effect of different vitamin D nutritional status on students' bone density and exercise level. In addition, it is considered that the intake level of human dietary calcium has an important effect on the effect of vitamin D on bone mineral density. The results showed that the bone health of adolescents is ideal, but compared with healthy people of the same age and same sex, there are more people with low bone mass. The serum 25 (OH) D concentration has a slight effect on the bone density of boys and girls. There was no effect on body bone density. Understanding the changes in bone mineral density and its relationship with vitamin D not only provides a reference for preventing diseases related to bone development in children and adolescents.