Plant Soil Nutrients and Development Prospects of Green Buildings

  • Su Xiaoming
Keywords: Green building; Energy conservation; Environmental protection; Soil nutrition


The content of plant nutrient elements is an important aspect of nutritional spectrum diagnosis. The most studied nutrient spectrum diagnosis is nitrogen. The main principle is to estimate the nitrogen content of plants by measuring the chlorophyll content in crop leaves. Based on the results of crop nutrition requirements, growing environment and nutrition diagnosis, the fertilizer requirements of plants can be calculated. This paper analyzes the nutritional composition of plant soil and the development prospect of green building. At present, the emergence of many green materials has brought new life to the construction industry. Many construction units have adopted new materials that are non-polluting, non-toxic and harmless, and environmentally friendly. Green buildings effectively reduce the production of exhaust gas and toxic gases, and reasonable selection of various new environmental protection materials effectively reduces and saves building energy consumption. In summary, green development is an inevitable trend in China's development. Therefore, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the construction industry in the market, it is necessary to ensure that the construction industry develops in a green direction. In order to realize the better development of China's green buildings, relevant construction enterprises need to realize the important role of the green building concept and penetrate the green development concept into the building process.