Vitamin D Nutrients and Clustering Effect of Industrial Economic Development

  • Yanxia Ni
Keywords: Vitamin D; Industrial economy; Clustering effect; Nutrition metabolism


Vitamin D has been recognized as a micronutrient since its discovery, and is involved in calcium and phosphorus metabolism, promoting bone development and some physiological activities. In recent years, research has found that vitamin D has many new potential biological functions, such as anti-tumor and cardiovascular disease prevention. This article analyzes the clustering effect of vitamin D nutrients and industrial economic development. The clusters are homogeneous and related, and the enterprises in the clusters are engaged in the same, similar, and auxiliary economic activities. From the formation of industrial clusters, it can be divided into induced, compulsory and guided cultivation industrial clusters. In addition to the advantages of local resources, an area where industrial clusters are successfully constructed must also have an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it is product quality, production technology, technological content, or product competitive advantage, the companies in the cluster have stronger competitive advantages.