Nutritional Evaluation of Milk Vitamin B6 and Translation of English Food Vocabulary

  • Xiao Qinghua
Keywords: Milk nutrition; Vitamin B6; English food; Vocabulary Translation


Milk is rich in nutrition and an important part of food trade. Vitamin B6 in milk can help make serotonin, and it is used with vitamins B1 and B2 to convert tryptophan into niacin. This paper analyzes the nutritional evaluation of milk vitamin B6 and the translation of English food vocabulary. Food professional English belongs to special purpose English, which includes the professional terms involved in the process of food production, processing, sales and consumption. It has the general characteristics of English language and some characteristics of its own. This paper analyzes the characteristics of its vocabulary, grammar, discourse and other aspects, and discusses its translation strategies. At the same time, in school education, we should combine teaching practice. From the aspects of vocabulary, reading, translation and writing, this paper discusses the teaching methods of food professional English.