Organic Pitaya Vitamin B12 nutrition and Trade English Phrases and Grammar Translation

  • Sun Yanling
Keywords: Imported food; Vitamin nutrition of pitaya fruit; English translation of trade; Phrases and grammar


Pitaya pulp is rich in nutritional value. The main edible parts of pitaya fruit are anthocyanin and fruit. The β - anthocyanin and beet pigments extracted from the fruit tissue are also used as food color additives. Pitaya fruit is a kind of low-energy fruit, rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, which can reduce weight and cholesterol. This paper analyzes the English phrases and grammar translation of organic pitaya vitamin B12 nutrition and trade. International trade is related to the economic development of various countries. As a global language, English plays an important role as a bridge in international trade. English has its own characteristics in the pragmatics of international trade, and translation also has certain principles. Only a unified standard can promote the better development of international trade. This paper briefly expounds the pragmatic features of international trade English and the translation principles of phrases and grammars, which can provide some reference value for those engaged in international trade translation.