Organic Corn Vitamin Nutrition and Rural Cultural Tourism Satisfaction

  • Wang Lina
Keywords: Corn vitamin; Cultural tourism; Food nutrition; Vitamin A


Corn is rich in vitamin and protein nutrition, and 72% carotenoids are found in endosperm. In addition, although zeaxanthin and lutein have no activity of Pro Vitamin A, they still affect the content of Pro Vitamin A and are important components of Pro Vitamin A in maize. This paper analyzes organic corn vitamin nutrition and rural cultural tourism satisfaction. There is a strong correlation between the satisfaction of cultural tourism and social demographic characteristics such as age and education level. According to the relationship between age, education level and satisfaction, we can launch targeted parent-child tourism, cultural tourism and other tourism projects to meet the needs of consumers. Finally, this study also makes statistics on consumers' satisfaction with various scenic spot factors, and focuses on the analysis of catering conditions, consumer prices and traffic factors with the lowest satisfaction.