Nutrition Metabolism of Beef Crude Protein and Nutrition Regulation of Sports Fatigue

  • Bin Cao
Keywords: Beef crude protein; Fat nutrition; Exercise fatigue; Nutrition supplement


Beef is rich in protein and amino acid, while beef is low in fat. Beef is also rich in B vitamins, such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and there are a variety of minerals in beef, such as calcium, zinc, iron, etc. This paper analyzes the nutritional regulation of beef crude protein metabolism and sports fatigue. According to the characteristics of sports, this paper discusses the mechanism of athletes' fatigue in sports. This paper comprehensively expounds the use of reasonable nutrition to delay the generation of fatigue and accelerate the recovery of fatigue, so that the athletes' sports ability can be improved, which is of great theoretical significance to the athletes. It is the central mechanism of inducing fatigue that exercise leads to the increase of 5-HT, the decrease of Da, the increase of blood ammonia and the decrease of acetylcholine. In order to delay the fatigue of athletes, it is suggested that we should supplement the nutrients such as sugar, protein, amino acid, carnitine and HMB.