Urban Garden Landscape Construction Planning Principles and Sycamore Tree Cultivation

  • Cai Zhigang
Keywords: Urban garden; Landscape design; Construction principles; Sycamore tree


The development of plant nutrition and fertilizer is inseparable from the testing of soil nutrients and related nutritional supplements. Phosphate fertilizer can increase the volume of crop roots and increase the plant's resistance to diseases and insect pests. Regarding the mechanism of phosphorus's resistance to diseases and insect pests, it is believed that phosphorus can increase the content of vitamin C, vegetable oil, phenols, and peroxidase in plants. This paper analyzes the planning principles of urban garden landscape construction and the vegetative cultivation of sycamore trees. As an important part of urban landscape construction, urban garden landscape construction is an important indicator for measuring a city's economic development, social progress, degree of civilization, and overall image. With the rapid development of China ’s economy and society, the city is becoming more and more perfect, and residents ’pursuit of and quality of the city ’s environment has continued to improve. The construction and management of urban landscapes has become an important task in urban construction. Carry out in-depth research, improve the theoretical system of urban garden landscape construction, and provide guidance for urban garden landscape construction.