Cultural Differences of Tomato Vitamin D Nutrition and Food English Vocabulary Translation

  • Wu Dan
Keywords: Food English; Cultural differences; Tomato vitamin D; Amino acid nutrition


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and plays a very important role in maintaining the normal physiological functions of the human body. Vitamin D can regulate the expression of more than 60 target genes, which not only affects the classic calcium and phosphorus metabolism pathways, but also regulates immunity and the growth, differentiation, and apoptosis of various tissue cells. It is indispensable to maintain cell growth metabolism and human health Missing substance. At present, with the continuous development of food trade, the translation of food English vocabulary is playing an increasingly important role in international trade. The process of food English vocabulary translation is not only the accurate transmission of linguistic information, but also the transmission of cultural information carried by the language. Therefore, food English vocabulary translators are required to understand this cultural difference and find a meeting point between the two languages and cultures. Equivalent cultural information in translation. This article elaborates the cross-cultural nature of food English vocabulary translation and the specific manifestations of these differences. Some translation strategies to resolve cultural differences are also given. I hope that food English translators will get some useful inspirations.