Soil Micronutrient Nutrition and Ecological Environment Function of English Garden Landscape Design

  • Liu Qinghui
Keywords: Soil nutrition; English garden; Landscape design; Ecological planning concept


The lower pH value is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of soil nutrients by plant roots. Although the grass cultivation mode improved the effective Mn content in the soil to some extent, it had no significant effect on the Mn content in the leaves of the plants. The Mn content in the leaves and the soil pH, organic matter and mineral nutrient content did not exist. Correlation. This paper analyzes the ecological environment function of soil trace element nutrition and English garden landscape design. From the perspective of sustainable development, the ecological planning of garden design can not only improve the ornamental landscape, but also comprehensively utilize diversified resources to form a sustainable and benign circular ecosystem to improve the use efficiency of landscapes. Starting from the basic content of the ecological planning concept, explore the application significance of the ecological planning concept in the landscape design, and explain the basic principles of ecological landscape design in combination with the actual situation, and then analyze the landscape design strategy, in order to sustainable development of modern landscape design. Learned from. This paper analyzes the application of English garden style in landscape design of modern residential areas.