Fish Bone Collagen Peptide Complex Calcium Nutrition Preparation and Nutritional Supplement after Swimming Training

  • Guo Yezhou
Keywords: Marine fish bone collagen peptide; Calcium; Swimmer; Reasonable nutritional supplement


Swimmers need to perform high-intensity training and competition in water below body temperature for a long time, and consume a lot of energy during exercise. Reasonable nutritional supplement is an important condition for ensuring the good competitive state of swimmers, which is of great significance to training. This paper provides some suggestions for the reasonable nutritional supplement of competitive swimmers based on the energy consumption characteristics of swimming. The peptide calcium chelate was prepared from marine fish ossein peptide (MFOP) and calcium chloride. The chelating process was optimized by Plackett-Burman design, steepest climbing test and central combination test design. The molecular weight distribution and infrared spectrum analysis of collagen peptide and its chelated product were carried out. The results showed that the pH value and peptide salt mass ratio had a significant effect on the chelation rate (P<0.01). The optimized chelation process parameters: pH=5.90, temperature 50 °C, time 60 min, peptide salt mass ratio 5.05: 1, the polypeptide concentration of 45g /L. Under these conditions, the polypeptide-calcium chelation rate was 52.47%. The results of gel chromatography showed that the molecular weight of the peptide in the chelate was below 1000 Da, and the proportion of small peptides was relatively large.