Vitamin D Nutrition in Vegetables and Financial Cost Management of Food Companies in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

  • Jiaqi Xiu
Keywords: Vegetable nutrition; Vitamin D; Food enterprise management; Cost control


Supplementing vitamin D and calcium, daily exposure to the right amount of sunlight, and ingesting appropriate foods are all good for bone matrix formation. Foods with more calcium include: milk, shrimp skin and other seafood, bone meal, green leafy vegetables and so on. Vitamin D and calcium deficiency should be supplemented with vitamin D or cod liver oil under the guidance of a doctor, and calcium. This article analyzes the vitamin D nutrition of vegetables and the financial cost management of food companies in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Food companies account for most of the total number of companies and have become an important part of promoting the continuous development of the economy. They play a vital role in promoting social development. Due to the small capital flow and stock of food companies, the small scale of output, the narrow scope of financial management, and the fact that some food companies belong to family-owned companies, there has been a high concentration of financial decision-making control. In order to better promote the development of food companies, managers are required to pay attention to cost management. At the same time, in the development process, they still need to learn from the development experience of large enterprises, and combine their own strengths to strive to stand out in the fierce market competition. Lay a good foundation for promoting the development of food companies.