Development Path of Corn Vitamin Nutrition and Rural Talent Revitalization

  • Huang Jingjing
Keywords: Corn food; Vitamin nutrition; Rural revitalization; Public service


Sweet corn is a kind of food for food, vegetables and fruits, with strong flavor and rich nutrients. Sweet corn has many kinds and high content of vitamins, which is an important indicator of harvest. The dynamic changes of water-soluble vitamins in sweet corn vary among different varieties and different vitamins. This article analyzes the development path of corn vitamin nutrition and rural talent revitalization. The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy is conducive to thoroughly solving the problems of insufficient rural development and imbalance between urban and rural development. Among them, solving the problem of talent shortage is a top priority. Big data concepts and technologies should be used to enhance the attractiveness of villages to various types of talents. Establish a talent support system by constructing and improving income increase mechanisms, incentive mechanisms, training mechanisms, etc., and take specific measures to adjust the industrial structure, optimize the information platform, improve the level of rural education, and improve the level of public service supply. Provide a good external environment.