Grape Vitamin C Nutrition and Orff Music Experience

  • Yantao Qin
Keywords: Nutrients; Procyanidins; Orff music; Unsaturated fatty acids


The content of crude fat in grape peel and pulp is low, the grape seed contains higher fat, and the content of crude fat in fresh grape seed is 21 mg / g. There are 11 fatty acids in grape seeds, of which there are 6 saturated fatty acids, accounting for 14% of the total. This article analyzes grape vitamin C nutrition and Orff’s music experience. The music curriculum is mainly based on aesthetics. Through various music teaching and practical activities, it cultivates the students’ interest in music, appreciation of music, expressiveness, and creativity, improves students' musical literacy, and enriches emotional experiences. This article will mainly study and analyze the application of Orff's music teaching method in elementary school music classroom. Fruit nutrition is of great significance to improve students’ physical fitness and nutrition.