Analysis of Protein Nutrition and Exercise Fatigue in Low-fat Meat Products

  • Zongshuai Hao
Keywords: Low-fat food; Sports training; Protein nutrition; Energy


In modern nutrition, there are many standards for measuring the nutritional value of foods. Among many factors, the content and ratio of amino acids are an important indicator. For meat products, its nutritional content includes not only protein content, but also the proportion of amino acids. This article analyzes the protein nutrition analysis and exercise fatigue of low-fat meat products. The recovery of sports fatigue is derived for the recovery of athletes' physical functions and the continuation of sports life. It is based on the application of multi-disciplinary knowledge to develop and promote the progress and development of sports recovery methods and measures. Considering the physical recovery of young athletes, appropriate compression training and combined with multiple methods of training to reduce the psychological load of young athletes and reduce the occurrence of sports fatigue in young athletes.