Milk Product Nutrition Analysis and Exercise Mobilizing Bone Health

  • Sun Haiou
Keywords: Dairy products; Protein nutrition; Bone density; Bone metabolism


Milk is a natural high-quality food with complete nutritional components, suitable composition, and easy digestion and absorption. Milk is rich in high-quality protein, with an average of 3% protein, and also contains higher short-chain fatty acids; it contains about 3.4% of lactose. This article analyzes milk product nutrition and exercise to mobilize bone health. The dual-energy X-ray scanner was used to detect the bone density of the whole body and local area, and combined with the femoral strength analysis software to obtain the bone geometric parameters of the femoral neck of two groups of subjects. Participating in artistic gymnastics training can increase overall bone density by about 10%, and increase bone density at major joints by about 15%. In terms of bone geometric parameters, the cross-sectional area, cortical bone thickness, and section coefficient all increased significantly, but the curvature resistance decreased to a certain extent. Participating in rhythmic gymnastics can effectively increase bone density in pre-pubertal women, and it can greatly improve the bone strength and anti-fracture ability of the femoral neck.