Milk protein; Energy intake; Exercise health; Diet awareness

  • Liu Yang
Keywords: Soybean food; Protein nutrition; Combine harvester; Cross-zone operation


Soy protein has always been an important dietary protein for people in China and other Asian countries. In recent years, the nutritional quality of soy protein has been re-evaluated, and clinical studies have shown that soy protein has some physiological health care functions. In recent years, with the successive introduction of the national policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers, especially the introduction of subsidies for purchasing machinery, the enthusiasm of farmers for purchasing agricultural machinery has continued to rise, and various agricultural machinery has sprung up, especially the harvester. On the basis of doing a good job of planting their own farmland, many farmers with combine harvesters have carried out cross-regional operations of agricultural machinery to add extra harvest for themselves. However, due to the rapid growth of combine harvesters and drivers, and at the same time harvesters are agricultural machinery with complex structures, large one-time investment, high level of safe operation technology, and poor operating environment have caused a large increase in hidden safety hazards and frequent agricultural machinery accidents. Has brought new problems to security management. In order to prevent and reduce accidents and ensure the safety of life and property, it is necessary to strengthen the safety supervision and management of harvesters.