Gulf Scallop Nutrition Ingredients and Athlete Recipe Design

  • Sun Haiou
Keywords: Scallop nutrition; High-intensity training; Nutrition strategy; High-protein recipe


Gulf scallops contain a large amount of active substances of medicinal value such as taurine, EPA, DHA, choline, polysaccharides, and also a variety of essential amino acids for the human body. In addition to shell scallops and scallops, Gulf scallops can also be processed into a variety of small aquatic food packages. This article analyzes the nutritional composition of bay scallops and the design of athlete recipes. With the development of competitive sports, coaches and athletes have increasingly paid attention to the application of nutritional methods to promote fatigue recovery. The nutritional needs of athletes during high-intensity training periods have increased, and researchers need to combine diet and supplements to ensure their body requirements and complete training plan. Based on the research and analysis of athletes' dietary nutrition status, a scientific and reasonable dietary nutrition supplement and nutritional supplement application strategy are proposed, and standardized recipes are formulated for reference by coaches and athletes.