Protein Nutrition of Organic Agricultural Products and Assets Management of Forestry Resources

  • Jiehua Lv
Keywords: Organic agricultural products; Forestry asset management; Low cholesterol; Protein nutrition


The protein content of organic agricultural products is relatively high. It is hydrolyzed by organic chicken protein. The amino acids with the highest content in the hydrolysate are glutamic acid and aspartic acid, which are the important components of the fresh taste of the hydrolysate of organic chicken. This paper analyzes the protein nutrition of organic agricultural products and the asset management of forestry resources. Taking advantage of the natural advantages of the state-owned forest industry, taking active measures to reform the forest region in line with the actual situation of the forest region, increasing the development of secondary industries such as organic agricultural products, and making full use of the existing idle resources are the necessary measures for forest enterprises to build a sustainable forest environment. This paper analyzes the problems that need to be solved in the management of national natural resources assets, and puts forward that the management of natural resources assets is the core content of national forest management. With the supervision and law enforcement as the guarantee, we should carry out the control of the use of national natural resources assets, protection activities, moderate operation and other work, and put forward relevant policies and measures.