Vitamin C Nutrition of Orange Juice and Optimization of Aviation Service Experience

  • Juan Duan
Keywords: Food safety; Aviation service; Orange juice; Vitamin C nutrition


More than 90% of vitamin C in human diet comes from fresh vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C can prevent scurvy and improve human immunity. In aviation service, orange juice is rich in vitamin C, polyphenols, amino acids, mineral elements, sugars and other nutrients, which can effectively provide customer satisfaction. In this paper, the author analyse the vitamin c nutrition of orange juice and optimization of aviation service experience.Public aviation service quality is based on products, systems and processes. It not only refers to the quality of aviation products and services, but also refers to the work quality of flight production activities and processes, as well as the system operation quality of human quality, equipment capacity and management level.In the process of service provision, it is greatly influenced by subjective factors, which is more difficult to be evaluated by the service recipient than the quality of tangible products; the perception of passengers on the service quality of public aviation depends on the comparison between their expectation and the actual service level, and the individual difference is large; at the same time, the evaluation of the service quality of public aviation should not only consider the service results, but also involvethe whole process of service.