Low Calorie Protein Food Nutrition Combined with Exercise in the Treatment of Senile Hypertension and Diabetes

  • Chunmei ZHENG
Keywords: Egg protein; Vegetable vitamins; Low calorie; High blood pressure; Diabetes


Low-calorie diet mainly consists of chicken, eggs, vegetables and fruits with low sugar content. Green vegetables, fruits and legumes provide relatively low energy, while protein, carbohydrates and lipids are less, but minerals, water and other nutrients are higher.In this paper, the authors analyze the low calorie protein food nutrition combined with exercise in the treatment of senile hypertension and diabetes.The questionnaire, experimental method was adopted and the data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and T test. Many blood indicators were tested before and after the entire intervention, such as fasting glucose (GLUD), total cholesterol (CHOL), high density cholesterol (HDLX), low density cholesterol (LDLX), and triglyceride (TRIG).The major reason affecting physical activity was that the conditions of their bodies are inappropriate to do exercises from their subjective feeling. However, most old people took part in physical activity with much low intensity. There were significant differences before, medium, and after intervention for systolic blood pressure (P<0.01) and diastolic blood pressure (P<0.01); There are significant differences between before and after intervention for cholesterol (p=0.001) and fasting glucose blood (p=0.010). It can be concluded that the intervention effect of Movement Portfolio Model on the elderly with coexistent hypertension and diabetes was remarkably significant.