Imported Hylocereus Undatus Nutrition and Optimization of E-commerce Transnational Trade Mode

  • Chen Chen
Keywords: Hylocereus undatus; E-commerce;Service system; Nutrients; Fatty acids


Hylocereus undatus is rich in protein, amino acid, mineral elements, vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients. There are 17 kinds of amino acids in hylocereus undatus, including leucine and isoleucine. The content of amino acids in hylocereus undatus seeds is also very rich, among which the content of glutamic acid is the highest. In this paper, the author analyse the imported hylocereus undatus nutrition and optimization of e-commerce transnational trade mode.At present, China has realized the deep integration of new trade formats and manufacturing industries of cross-border e-commerce. While driving the globalization of trade industry, cross-border e-commerce also affects the main links of cross-border e-commerce transaction chain, such as commodity manufacturing industry and consumer industry, related payment industry and logistics industry. Cross border e-commerce logistics is an important fulcrum for the development of cross-border e-commerce. Choosing a suitable cross-border e-commerce logistics mode, improving the operation efficiency of cross-border e-commerce logistics and reducing the cost of cross-border e-commerce logistics play an important role in promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce transactions.