Casein Phosphopeptide Nutrition and Exercise Oxidative Injury

  • Bin Ding
Keywords: Casein phosphopeptide; Calcium supplementation; Mineral nutrition; Body immunity


Casein phosphopeptide is a natural physiological active skin containing phosphoserine clusters, which is obtained from bovine casein by hydrolysis with single or complex enzymes and purification. It can bind with Ca2+, Fe2+ and Zn2+ in the lower intestine of animals with neutral to slightly alkaline pH, prevent the precipitation of metal ions and phosphate radicals, increase the concentration of soluble calcium, iron and zinc in the small intestine, thus promote the absorption and utilization of these essential metal ions, and promote the absorption of calcium, iron and zinc. Therefore, it plays an active role in energy supplementation and sports injury prevention. Casein phosphopeptides have good solubility. The results show that casein phosphopeptides have no genetic toxicity. Therefore, adding casein phosphopeptides in food is safe and reliable. In this paper, the physiological function and mechanism of casein phosphopeptide are introduced, and its application in food and medicine, prevention and treatment of oxidative injury in sports are briefly introduced.