Spatial Difference Analysis of Energy Efficiency in North Slope Economic Zone of Tianshan Mountains Considering Haze Effect

  • Chen Yu
Keywords: Fog effect; Energy efficiency; Spatial differences;Human health


The generation and continuous growth year after year of haze disaster weather has brought extremely adverse effects on the development of regional green economy. From the perspective of energy management company, The study applied SBM model and Dispersion Decomposition Model for assessing spatial difference of energy efficiency of 22 counties and cities in the north slope of tianshan economic belt. The results show:1) Energy efficiency has declined when haze is taken into account in the north slope economic belt of tianshan; 2) The overall divergence of energy efficiency level , in the north slope economic belt of tianshan, attributabled to the differences within the counties and municipalities, however, the internal differences of economically developed counties and cities are the main source of the overall differences in the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains.; 3) Under the mandatory constraint of haze, the key to achieve coordinated and healthy regional development is to harmonize the relationship between the economy, environment and energy consumption within each region.The results of this analysis are beneficial for policymakers in formulating appropriate measures to enhance air quality.